While it isn’t possible to guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using the services of the practitioners at Mammoth Hills Coaching & Wellness, their clients report having positive experiences. Here is what some of them have to say:

I am so thankful for Dr. Husman for her “out of the box” approach to what I needed. I had several areas of my life that needed tweaking. I am a generally very happy person but realized I need to change my mindset regarding business, boundaries with patients ( as I am an MD), and issues personally. I can say after several sessions, I saw a shift in my clarity which resulted in better decision making in my personal life and my business. All of it honors the greater good for all and I appreciate how neutral she is during this. I was so surprised how she found issues, I wasn’t aware of but clearly was an issue. So cool! I believe if you come see her with an open mind and open heart, you will leave transformed in so many ways.

S.P.Executive & Performance Coaching

Kerri has been coaching me for 3 months and each month, my take-home income has doubled. On track to double this month too. This is a STEAL of a deal and worth thousands!

R.L.Executive & Performance Coaching

Kerri and Todd started doing healing touch on my family and me in April. My husband and I were near divorce and counseling wasn’t working, our 2-year-old was sick about every 2 weeks, and my anxiety was through the roof. My husband and I weren’t managing stress well and it was really aiding in the deterioration of our relationship. Kerri and Todd started working on me first. I’ve had energy work done before but nothing like this! Kerri also did a shamanic session early on, and I felt so much better almost instantly. My co-workers were noticing that I had a more positive attitude and it really did spread throughout the workplace. They worked on my husband next. For the first time in years, he was visibly happy and less stressed. They then started working on our kids, 5 and 2. Our son, who has been persistently sick his entire life, hasn’t been sick since they started working with Todd and Kerri! He also started speaking in full sentences within days of the first treatment after having never said a word before this. We’re three months in and we’ve had no illness, better attitudes, and my husband and I are getting along so much better. Our therapist has even noticed the change. What we couldn’t fix for years with diet, exercise, or supplements, Kerri and Todd have seemingly fixed almost instantly. We are so grateful and are true believers!

G.T.Healing Touch, Core Shamanism