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Mammoth Hills Coaching and Wellness, LLC practitioners are here to support individuals who are open to the opportunity to self-heal. You’re a professional, a super mom, a master juggler of life events, but despite your valiant efforts, you may be struggling to find balance.  The reprieve you need and the support you deserve to restore your personal power is right here, right now, under the loving umbrella of Eastwind Healing Center.

Our practitioners offer several Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) approaches. They draw upon an eclectic mix of tools in an ever-growing toolbox that are customized and designed to support your goals. Specific CIH approaches offered include core shamanism, Healing Touch, and health coaching, which includes supporting clients working with a functional medicine doctor, as well as intuitive performance coaching. Our practitioners set the intention to support your highest good with each and every session with each and every client. While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, let our practitioners put their unique experience to work for you and devise a plan that you can afford, stick with and benefit from. The services our practitioners offer are designed to complement what you may be doing with other providers, meaning that they can provide the mind-body-spirit portion that may be missing from the medical or psychotherapy work you may be doing elsewhere.

Your “How to get ME back” is a free, 15-minute consultation, and is not an initiation of a practitioner-client relationship. It is simply a confidential introduction where our practitioner will listen to your goals and share a bit about what the practitioner can bring to the table, used by both you and the practitioner to see if we are a good fit. No strings, no pressure. Click on this form to help you formulate what you are really looking for so we can make best use of our time.

** We do not take insurance. The services we provide are not medical, and not covered by medical insurance.