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Giving Back

We donate up to ten percent of our service hours to volunteering. We support Bosom Buddies of Johnson County:


There are several volunteers that can help during chemo and radiation, which is fantastic. There are less volunteers available after those options are no longer viable options, for whatever reason. There comes a time where modern medicine is not slowing or stopping tumor growth, or the treatment has become unbearable or intolerable due to side effects and/or significant reduction in quality of life.


We offer both Healing Touch and core shamanism services designed to help with physical discomfort, return of energy, and improving quality of life during this most challenging time, as well as to assist with end of life.


Please contact us to see if we have time available to support you or your loved one.  If our volunteer slots are full, we also offer a discount on services if you qualify for social security or qualify for Medicare, and we also offer discounted packages.

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