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What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is considered part of the field of Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH). It’s described as an energy technique in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being of the client.

Healing Touch developed from the collective experience of a group of nurses (and Healing Touch for Animals with veterinary technicians) drawing on techniques created in sacred ceremony, from psychiatrists, and from others at the forefront of energy medicine as techniques continue to be added and some are modified. It gradually grew to include massage therapists, other medical providers, and eventually unlicensed individuals could spent the 2-3 years to learn the protocols, extensive practice after the workshops, receive at least 1 year of mentoring, at least 100 individual sessions, complete the book reports, case reports, and experiencing many other energy modalities firsthand to finally submit for certification. Todd has completed level 5, which means all the above, hundreds of sessions in total, and 1 case report, meaning that he is practicing as a Healing Touch Practtitioner (HTP). Kerri has completed all the above as Todd has, an additional case report, and a few other requirments to become a Certified HealingTouch Practitioner (CHTP).

Everything the above description describes in the link above; we have seen firsthand. This tool has been shown to help with a wide range of health-related issues. We have worked with clients from age 2 to elderly, and conduct sessions in person or by distance. Reading and addressing the energy field by distance is a skill that is taught and grows with experience, and some more naturally can do this than others.

We offer individual sessions of varying lengths and do packages. One way we have found the packages to be especially useful when working with an entire family, as the whole household can really settle in for a lovely weekend, for example, or if the family has been traveling or dealt with a crisis. Some families do this on a schedule for maintenance, typically doing a bit longer session (50 or 80 min, in office or by distance) for the first session(s) as is necessary for each family member, then starting the distance shorter sessions, which are usually 26 minutes each.

Kerri also offers Healing Touch for Animals as a Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner (HTAP). Healing Touch for Animals varies from the work done on people in a variety of ways. The palpable energy field is far larger than that of human (a horse can take up an entire arena!). Also, the field of an animal is described as pixelated, while a human’s is described as layered. As Kerri is allergic to dogs, and pets of course are not allowed at Eastwind Healing Center, sessions on animals are offered by distance (zoom or phone) or possibly at an agreed upon outdoor space. One less person hovering over a distressed animal by providing service by distance, while you can watch and be involved, has so far served Kerri’s clients well. As a part of appointments, any simple techniques to support the healing journey will be shared with the owner to support further recovery, as applicable. An additional discount is offered to currently placed service dogs. Kerri’s energy malpractice insurance does not offer coverage for horses, so unfortunately that is not a service offered at this time. Sessions wih animals, regardless of their size, take at least as long as a typical human session as most have more Chakras and a larger field to clear.

Other options to add to your healing touch sessions with Kerri include biomagnetic pairs, which is working with ferrite magnets to support health and healing, and Huso Sound healing. These can be added at this time without an additional charge, and are available for in person sessions only.

Prices for Healing Touch with Todd (check out our specials page for discounts on packages):

26 min (30 min time slot): $50

50 min (60 min time slot): $79

80 min (90 min time slot): $119

Distance Packages for families – may include pets and people in the household with consent:  26 minutes per person (minimum 3 persons), $35 per person. This is a terrific deal! Kerri also helps Todd when she is free with distance family packages (these are scheduled under Todd), at no additional charge.

Prices for Healing Touch with Kerri (check out our specials page for discounts on packages):

50 min (60 min time slot): $155

80 min (90 min time slot): $195

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