CAM Services Provided:

To learn more about Dr. Husman’s draw and desire to provide CIH services, please read under Core Shamanism on our home page.

See Curriculum Vitae.

Core Shamanism – As a white level core shamanic practitioner, Kerri provides support for your personal spiritual healing. Services include retrieval of a previous power animal, transfer of power by various means, extraction of spiritual intrusion (this is not compassionate depossession), soul retrieval, divination, and assistance with death and dying. Her training and methods are based in core shamanism, taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Core shamanism is a substance free experience for the practitioner and participant.

Healing Touch energy healing using several modalities as taught by Healing Beyond Borders.

Healing Touch for Animals energy healing for your best furry friends and service dogs. Due to energy malpractice not covering work on horses, sessions with horses are not available.

Coaching – as a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC), Kerri provides coaching services that work with the energy field and the unconscious, supporting your goals in work and personal life. In this context, she uses the energy field in the support of performance enhancement. She also supports Functional Medicine clients by supporting the of the center of the functional medicine matrix. Please be advised that Kerri is not using her certification to treat Functional Medicine issues as a physician, she is only offer her services as a coach, Healing Touch Practitioner, and Shamanic Practitioner to support mind-body-spirit and promote well-being and healing.

* Please note
Although Kerri Husman is a licensed physician in the State of Iowa, she only offers her services as a Shamanic and Healing Touch Practitioner and Health Coach through Mammoth Hills Coaching & Wellness, LLC and her services are not part of her medical practice. She will not advise, diagnose, treat, or manage your medical conditions or psychological disorders. Dr. Husman provides psychiatric care and psychotherapy in a separate practice at Vitality Psychiatry, P.C. If you are a resident of Iowa and interested in Dr. Husman’s psychiatric/psychotherapy services, you can call Eastwind Healing Center to schedule at 319-337-3313. She does not  provide services to past, present, or future psychiatric patients at her healing practice or vice versa, and will refer out to individuals she knows and trusts, from either practice, as the need arises. 

HOURS: By appointment only. All services are offered by distance if desired.