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Kerri has fully enjoyed the time and effort involved to gain her certification as an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) in 2018. She has, after much thought and reflection, decided that her skills and abilities best serve the Center of the Functional Medicine Matrix (see below). She is not currently treating functional medicine clients as their doctor. Typically, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach will assist in supporting the Bottom of the Functional Medicine Matrix, under the guidance of your licensed health care provider. Your functional medicine provider is primarily addressing the nodes that surround the center of the matrix, and that is where they typically focus their training and review of modules, as this training is constantly evolving each year. IFM supports this review work continually for your certified functional medicine provider.

Recalling her very first day of IFM training, which was addressing cognitive decline, one of the very popular lecturers she later saw throughout the modules made a very compelling statement regarding the center of the matrix, “If you don’t address this (drawing a circle around the center), they just aren’t going to get better.” With that said, not a single exam question, from her recollection, addressed the center of the matrix. Admittedly, this would be hard, if not impossible, to address in the current Western medicine model.

If addressing the center of the Functional Medicine Matrix requires psychiatric care or psychotherapy, and Kerri is currently providing you coaching, energy work, or shamanic services, she will happy to assist you in a referral to a licensed health care provider for those services. If you are requiring psychiatric support of the center of the Functional Medicine matrix, due to depression, anxiety, and other conditions, and are not a current coaching and wellness client, please see her other information at Vitality Psychiatry, P.C.

All of the CIH services offered can support the center of the matrix in different ways, please see those sections for more details. She is accepting referrals for these clients from certified functional medicine providers, as well as lifestyle medicine providers. What CIH services may best serve that client can be discussed in consultation with an appropriate medical release to/from your medical provider. She is also uniquely interested in assisting those clients who have chronic pain, fatigue, and neuroinflammation, and she is keenly aware of the research being done on energy modalities assisting in this situation.

Pricing for coaching, healing touch, or core shamanism can be found in each of those sections or on the specials page.

Please call 866-425-8066 for a free 15 minute consultation to determine how our office can best support  your goals.

* Please note

Although Kerri Husman is a licensed physician in the State of Iowa, she only offers her services as a Shamanic and Healing Touch Practitioner and Health Coach through Mammoth Hills Coaching & Wellness, LLC and her services are not part of her medical practice. She will not advise, diagnose, treat, or manage your medical conditions or psychological disorders. Dr. Husman provides psychiatric care and psychotherapy in a separate practice at Vitality Psychiatry, P.C. If you are a resident of Iowa and interested in Dr. Husman’s psychiatric/psychotherapy services, you can call Eastwind Healing Center to schedule at 319-337-3313. She does not  provide services to past, present, or future psychiatric patients at her healing practice or vice versa, and will refer out to individuals she knows and trusts, from either practice, as the need arises. 

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