Todd Leach, BA, FMCHC, HTP

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, 2019
Healing Touch Practitioner, 2020

Todd used his degree initially by doing sound in movies, and then owned a single screen movie theatre, The New Strand in West Liberty, IA, for 18 years. As the 4th owner since it’s construction in 1910, he honed two incredible gifts: patience and listening. Being an active member of a small downtown dependent upon entertainment to thrive, serving on city council, being a member of Rotary International, and being the first job for many teens, these gifts have served him well. He then went on to study permaculture and biodynamics with Kerri when they started their farm. Leaving the theatre, and later raising animals, was brought on due to Kerri suffering from several illnesses requiring specific foods, which required Todd to juggle being a caregiver and having a career. He assisted in implemented multiple food plans, such as Paleo, SCD, Wahls Protocol, AIP, removal of foods due to sensitivities, several versions of the Institute for Functional Medicine collection of food plans, and the Whole Food Plant Based diet.

When it was time for a career change for himself, due to Kerri’s health improving, and his father’s health declining with a cancer diagnosis, Todd decided to use the skills he had gleaned for good and became a student of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, which he has completed. The program combined motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and lifestyle change with a paramount feature: meeting you wherever you are, right now, without judgment. These family illnesses also motivated him to learn Healing Touch, which has been a rewarding experience in helping set the stage for self-healing, which has been shown for some individuals in studies to reduce the experience of pain, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve energy. Todd has always worked with IT systems in various capcities on the side, and now works at ITS full-time, so his availability is limited to providing Healing Toucch services on Saturdays, and some evenings as availablity allows.

Todd in his free time enjoys playing guitar and keyboard, gardening, and building his organic chestnut orchard.

* Please note
While Todd Leach has experience as a Health Coach and Healing Touch Practitioner, he is not a registered dietician, psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. He only offers his services through Mammoth Hills Coaching & Wellness, LLC as a Healing Touch Practitioner. CAM approaches such as health coaching and Healing Touch are self-regulated and the State of Iowa does not license, certify or register Health Coaches or Healing Touch Practitioners.

Services Available:

Healing Touch

Saturdays by appointment at Eastwind Healing Center or some weeknights by distance. All services are available by distance if desired.