About Distance Services

Intuitive Performance Coaching, Healing Touch, and Core Shamanism are provided by distance by Kerri Husman.  Healing Touch is provided by distance by Todd Leach.

Coaching with Kerri is done by distance using encrypted video conferencing through our portal. This can be run through your computer, tablet, or internet connected phone. Any data usage on your end is your responsibility. A link will be provided prior to the session.

Healing Touch is done after a phone or portal contact, with your energy body worked on in our healing room, while you go on about your day, being open to change and letting go of what no longer serves you. You may also choose to relax during this time. If there are any affirmations or other homework after the session, this will be shared with you via the portal.

Core Shamanism is also done after a phone or portal contact, performed by Kerri Husman working with your spiritually while you typically are relaxing quietly, with the intention of letting go and being open to restoration of power by various means. The premise is that the work is performed by compassionate spirit helpers from the upper and lower worlds through the practitioner working on you in our healing room and coming to your space spiritually to do the work. I am not interested in what your house or space looks like on this journey, but to very specifically do the following: first, with the knowledge of your healing request, I will ask the compassionate spirit helpers to join me and assess for what work would best serve you today. Typically, there will be work to restore power early on, remove intrusions, attachments, and influences that may be in the way of your healing goal and ready to leave, and then after this, there will be work done to further support restoration of power. Power can be restored through various means, including song and dance, the drum and rattle, power animal restoration, soul retrieval, and other means. The spirts will guide this process. If any messages come through from the spirit helpers, those will be shared with you via phone or video if you are observing the session, and any messages will also be placed in your portal communication section.

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