I am so thankful for Dr. Husman for her “out of the box” approach to what I needed. I had several areas of my life that needed tweaking. I am a generally very happy person but realized I need to change my mindset regarding business, boundaries with patients ( as I am an MD), and issues personally. I can say after several sessions, I saw a shift in my clarity which resulted in better decision making in my personal life and my business. All of it honors the greater good for all and I appreciate how neutral she is during this. I was so surprised how she found issues, I wasn’t aware of but clearly was an issue. So cool! I believe if you come see her with an open mind and open heart, you will leave transformed in so many ways.

S.P.Executive & Performance Coaching

Kerri has been coaching me for 3 months and each month, my take-home income has doubled. On track to double this month too. This is a STEAL of a deal and worth thousands!

R.L.Executive & Performance Coaching

Kerri and Todd started doing healing touch on my family and me in April. My husband and I were near divorce and counseling wasn’t working, our 2-year-old was sick about every 2 weeks, and my anxiety was through the roof. My husband and I weren’t managing stress well and it was really aiding in the deterioration of our relationship. Kerri and Todd started working on me first. I’ve had energy work done before but nothing like this! Kerri also did a shamanic session early on, and I felt so much better almost instantly. My co-workers were noticing that I had a more positive attitude and it really did spread throughout the workplace. They worked on my husband next. For the first time in years, he was visibly happy and less stressed. They then started working on our kids, 5 and 2. Our son, who has been persistently sick his entire life, hasn’t been sick since they started working with Todd and Kerri! He also started speaking in full sentences within days of the first treatment after having never said a word before this. We’re three months in and we’ve had no illness, better attitudes, and my husband and I are getting along so much better. Our therapist has even noticed the change. What we couldn’t fix for years with diet, exercise, or supplements, Kerri and Todd have seemingly fixed almost instantly. We are so grateful and are true believers!

G.T.Healing Touch, Core Shamanism

My experience with Healing Touch has been wonderful! Dr. Kerri and Todd are great to work with and the treatment has provided so much relief. My mind is clearer, memory is better and mostly I am more able to experience joy! I completed a ½ marathon (pain free) during the months I started seeing Dr. Kerri and Todd; which was amazing considering my right knee had been bothering me prior to receiving Healing Touch. My 6 year old son has some behavioral issues (mostly aggression) and after his first Healing Touch session, he was almost skipping down the sidewalk and with a big smile on his face said, “I just feel so happy!” It was heartwarming to see joy verses anger/frustration. I look forward to my sessions and my son thinks Dr. Kerri and Todd “have pretty cool magic”. We will continue to see them and hope to have the rest of the family receive Healing Touch in the future.

J.B.Healing Touch

My wife’s cancer got bad really fast. She was in terrible pain and was too weak for chemo. We called Kerri, because we knew she had learned some new treatments that might help. She did healing touch whenever she would get weak or the pain was uncontrollable, from a distance, and the next day it would be like my wife was back to her old self – her sense of humor, energy, would return, and her pain would ease up. While she had to end chemotherapy due to it no longer working, she benefited and we (her kids and I) could all see it. As she got closer to end of her life, Kerri did a house call, and was able to help us be more prepared for the end of life and the afterlife. My wife always has had a very strong faith in the Lord, but it was very reassuring to her to know what to expect. Since my wife has passed, Kerri has been able to make contact with my wife, and bring back heart warming messages for me and for her son. It has really helped us through this difficult time, and I am so thankful that Kerri is also my daughter.

RonHealing Touch, Core Shamanism

My husband was told he slipped a disc in his back. He is a rancher and was now stuck in the house, in pain, using a walker for a few days. We called Kerri because we were desperate. She did healing touch on him by distance, and the next morning, he was able to walk without a walker, and was able to reduce the round the clock narcotic pills to just one at night for sleep. His back continued to improve, and he was off the pain meds in days. He said he thought the disc “slipped back in.” I know that he did other things as well, prednisone, even chiropractic, but the timeline supports that the healing touch likely made the difference. Thank you!

V.K.Healing Touch

I have had Healing Touch appointments with both Kerri and Todd. I have also had extraction and soul retrieval with Kerri and participated in a Power of 8 session.

Kerri and Todd are both caring and knowledgeable professionals. After each session I felt relaxed and refreshed. Two times were focused on recent injuries in the body, which were reduced significantly by the end of each appointment. Several times I took a nap later in the day, as my body continued its healing process. Grateful that they are able to address challenges of the body that are recent and far in the past.
Health is a journey and I am happy to have them on my team!

A.M.Power of 8 Experience Healing Touch Experience

I use healing touch for metastatic cancer and everyday living and am happy to say my quality of life has improved dramatically. My cancer has not gotten worse in the last 6 months nor has it shrunk. I’m not on chemo because of the bad side effects I had. Before seeing Todd and Kerri I was very tired and felt like I was in a thick fog. Healing touch has become an important part my routine to help keep my body, mind, and spirit as healthy as they can. After spending a hour getting HT I feel so much better my mojo returns. I’ve had to learn to allow my body to let itself to be open to accept the healing touch experience whatever it may be for that day and then also let go of whatever is not may not necessary. Todd and Kerri have helped balance my body and help my body heal itself. And that is just plain great and simple. I plan on using HT throughout my dying process because it is so nourishing, comforting and compliments me. I hope everyone can have the chance to give healing touch a try. Everyone can benefit from HT and should try it. Put it on your bucket list.

DianeCancer Warrior

Hey Kerri. On my mind the next day. Thanks again for the generous healing session. Best – SF

Plume flash. A rush to the door.
Orderly. Countless.
Space between.
Collective healing. Of mindation.
Releasing souls. 8 add 1 back.

S.F.Power of 8 Experience

Dr. Husman is a gifted clinician and healer. I have seen several functional medicine physicians, and she has the widest toolbox of them all! The depth of her training and knowledge allows her to offer hope even to those with long-standing and complex chronic conditions.

R.M.Power of 8 Experience

I worked with Kerri and Todd over a several-week period for migraine headaches. I began to notice a lessening of the frequency of headaches after only one session, and this lessening has continued. I noticed that in times when I felt sure that another headache was developing, it simply didn’t develop. Though I would have some of my usual warning signs, the headache itself never happened. I still get migraines occasionally, and I have asked for distance healing on two occasions for this. I haven’t felt an immediate change from the distance work, but I do notice that the next day, my headache is gone when usually the headache would last for days. To me, this is a miracle!

You people are wonderful.

B.L.Healing Touch Experience

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to participate. It was such a wonderful experience. And I enjoyed sharing in it with the others who attended. I often think it’s a beautiful mystery who are called together for such an experience. It was interesting to see the hesitancy in some to drum or make music. However, the energy moved and filled us, in the end, everyone joined in at some time during the two hours.
I loved hearing the requests for healing. It was interesting to realize what others around us are living with that we would never realize in another setting. I also loved the opportunity to support you and them in the healing process.

My personal experience in receiving was both powerful and subtle. The experience on the table was powerful in both the energy of the drumming and the intent being offered by you and the others. Subtle in that I realized those two hours changed something within me. I know I am different in a good way, but unable to say exactly what or how.

SheliaPower of 8 Experience

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